Ductile Fracture Criteria (DFC) in forming processes

Çarşamba, 22 Haziran, 2016
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Shahram A.D. was born in Urmia, IRAN in 1981. He has beens working as

the research and development advisor in STC Elektronik since 2013 and

he has contributed to a number of research projects in various fields

including the solar energy and laser based metrology.

He graduated from the manufacturing engineering department of

Tabriz University in 2005 and got accepted to the Master of Science

program of Iran University of Science and Technology. He worked on

novel hydroforming method on aluminum and titanium alloy sheets as

his thesis work. He has a patent for his method in IRAN from the

Intellectual Property Office in 2008 and furthermore he published so a

number of papers in journals and proceedings related to this method.

For a PhD study, he moved to Turkey and attended the Middle East

Technical University. His thesis was on the ductile fracture criteria (DFC)

for sheet metal and he proposed a new DFC for this type of forming

processes. He has published some journal and proceeding papers from

his thesis.

His current research interests include the fracture simulation with finite

element methods, XFEM, strain gradient plasticity and micro-machining

processes. They are related fields if the fracture phenomenon is

considered in micro and nano scales. He plans to advance his research

interests in the small scale metal plasticity and fracture phenomenon in

micro and nano scales.