Yarı-Aktif Yapısal Kontrol ve Açık Deniz Platformları Hakkında Kısa Tanıtım

Çarşamba, 8 Haziran, 2016
Başlangıç zamanı: 

Dr. Ertan Sönmez

Presentation Abstract:
This is a two-part presentation to give a quick introduction to the seminar audience about semi-active structural control and offshore structures. In the first part, the types of structural control are briefly introduced with an emphasis on semi-active structural control. Several semi-active control examples will be discussed, including some of the previous work performed by the presenter on smart variable stiffness and damping systems and smart tuned mass dampers. In the second part, a brief introduction about the offshore structures and their analysis & design methodologies will be provided. Examples from past offshore projects will be discussed to highlight some key analysis and design issues.