Dean's Message

TED University Faculty of Engineering, founded in 2012, offers the best of a liberal university atmosphere enriched with the academic and technical resources of a world-class institution. The Faculty is matchlessly organized to create the technological and architectural leaders of tomorrow. Our aim is to place our graduates among the problem solvers prepared for the unexpected, visionary project leaders, effective communicators, and ethical members of the global professional community.

TED University Faculty of Engineering students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills through;

  • well-tailored curricula, which strengthen subject matter knowledge and make connections between theory and practice,
  • innovative instructional practices, which encourage student to actively participate in learning tasks,
  • thorough multidisciplinary teamwork approaches, and
  • leadership-building experiences, including get-together events with the dynamic leaders of the engineering profession, seminars and workshops preparing our students for future leadership roles.


We offer our students a student-centered environment. Our faculty members are dedicated to keeping up with the trends of science and technology in their respective fields and giving the importance to creating an environment of exemplary teaching and learning. Our students have the opportunity to further enrich their educational experience and develop themselves by following minor programs coupled with elective courses while acquiring in-depth knowledge in their major field. They also benefit from the diverse cultural and intellectual climate of the TEDU campus located in the heart of Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey.

Students admitted to the faculty of engineering programs follow a common core curriculum during the first year. In their first year, the students are offered an undergraduate program to provide them with interdisciplinary skills in the fields of English, computer literacy, mathematics, physics and other elective fields of their interest. Students enrolled in TED University engineering programs have the privilege to select their major after finishing their first year courses. This way, our students have an excellent opportunity to develop their decisions by exploring their future professional fields over a longer period of time within the grounds of TEDU. Our students can choose from five major engineering disciplines, which include civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. The general background knowledge provided by the first year courses, career orientation seminars offered by the University, and the students’ own pursuits will provide them with greater insight as to which field of engineering they wish to advance.

Within a greater societal context, the graduates of TEDU Faculty of Engineering should:

  • Apply knowledge, strong cognitive, and quantitative skills to design and implement original, original, innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Exhibit strong communication, social, resource- and operation-management skills as leaders in the profession,
  • Have professional and ethical conduct,
  • Exhibit teamwork skills
  • Engage in life-long learning to face the future challenges

Continuous follow up studies are underway, in collaboration with TEDU Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit, to assess whether these targets have been reached and to decide what further actions can be taken. Moreover, TEDU Faculty of Engineering is diligently collaborating with Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering in the quest for excellence in education and research.

I invite you to become better acquainted with the TED University Faculty of Engineering through the web pages of our departments and through a visit to our beautiful campus.


Professor Güney Özcebe, Dean