About Us

The Faculty of Engineering at TED University, which was founded in 2012, offer engineering undergraduate programs in compliance with international quality and standards with its five diploma programs, namely Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Students admitted to the faculty of engineering programs follow a common core curriculum during their freshman year. They are normally expected to choose their diploma program at their own will before they start their sophomore year studies at TEDU. The general background knowledge provided by freshman year courses and students’ interests will be key factors as to which field of engineering they choose to follow.

Our faculty members are dedicated to follow the trends in science and technology in their respective fields and give importance to student-centered learning as well as to the teaching/learning quality. Students are offered several alternatives like double major and minor programs and/or additional courses providing them with in-depth knowledge in their chosen field or in any other discipline.

TEDU Engineering

Main goals of undergraduate education at TEDU Faculty of Engineering are to foster engineering graduates who:

  • have acquired the essential knowledge and skills of their professions
  • are capable of analyzing and designing and applying their accumulated knowledge and skills
  • have teamwork skills
  • can continue their education through life-long learning
  • are able to use computers and technology effectively
  • are able to use English proficiently


We are continuously checking to see whether these goals have been reached through several feedback mechanisms, especially TEDU Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit, which is responsible for self-evaluation; plays an instrumental role during the process.

For details, please visit our departments’ web pages. We hope to see you soon in our Faculty.